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RED Training is ADAPT Process Training.

BLUE Training is Recruitment Process Training and never stops as it is a process of continuous improvement.

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Module 1 – Business Generation

Producing a powerful prospect list of over 200 companies, including planning and KPI’s.

Module 2 – The Process of Business Generation

Searching for a client/company duplicate. Adding a new company from scratch or taking a new company over. Adding/removing contacts, filling in client details and contacting a client. Searching for your prospect list.

Module 3 – Boolean Searching

To find the best candidates on ADAPT/CV library and to enable us to an evaluation and prepare an effective agreement statement.

Module 4 – The Legal contract

The Legal Contract between you and your client, AES terms and negotiating using the service agreement.

Module 5 – Adapt Vacancy Creation and Job Description handling

Adding a new permanent vacancy and uploading a job description at the same time

Module 6 – Evaluation of a vacancy

Evaluation of a vacancy including producing an agreement statement, doing the 2nd phone call, negotiating the rates and confirming the agreement..

Module 7 – The process of evaluating a vacancy

Sending an evaluation email from the job (service agreement), importing the response or what was agreed at the 2d phone call, add the brief to the job, sending a confirmation of rates email from the job (formal terms)

Module 8 – Our service offerings

The four services we offer, processing a BITE, Zoom meeting preparation, client objective, Unique selling points, the four things to consider for recruitment to happen., identifying the role (specific/non-specific),

Module 9 – Advert design and questionnaire

Design an advert based on what your client NEEDS rather than what they want i.e. don’t try to fill the job, try to find the right pool of people to target. Create a motivational questionnaire.

Module 10 – The process of saving the advert etc.

The process of saving the advert and questionnaire into the GITs’ folder, saving both into the job, making the questionnaire the default documentation

Module 11 – Marketing the role

Market your role in four ways to get the best response possible – Advert on CV library, Boolean Search on Adapt, CV searching on CV library and setting up the watchdog.

Module 12 – Processing your applicants

Adding candidates to ADAPT (rejecting unsuccessful ones), managing your INBOX, shortlisting a candidate and sending a candidate the questionnaire including a text to ensure they reply..

Module 13 – ADAPT CV Creation and selling your CV to the client

Process of creating an ADAPT CV and getting into a position to SELL your CV to the client.

Module 14 – Consultant’s comments on CV

Produce highly relevant Consultants comments to be matched against the brief to impact your client. Call and then send the CV to influence your client with the target of getting an interview from all CVs sent to a client.

Module 15 – Candidate management and client feedback

Inform your candidate they are submitted, reject candidates as they become unsuitable and evaluate your customers reaction to you CVs..

Module 16 – Client feedback and changing targets

Re-evaluate your Clients’ reaction to your CVs changing the target “pool of people” including adverts and CV search where appropriate

Module 17 – Managing the Interview process

The interview process to create the interview confirmation documents.

Module 18 – The interview process

Interview management technique to establish your candidates NEEDS and influence your client to make a job offer.

Module 19 – Negotiation and job offer acceptance

Only the Consultant knows the NEEDS of the Client and the Candidate so they have to take control over the process and bring them together to completion of job offer and acceptance.

Module 20 –Job Offer, Placement & Invoice.

The process to generate the email confirming the placement terms with your client, raising an invoice, forming an invoice point and creating a personal invoice to AES for payment.

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