Attending an interview can be daunting, but we aim to make it as easy as possible for you by providing you with the following information and advice.

Remember: you have been selected for interview based on your CV. You do not need to 'tick all the boxes' on a company's job specification – now is the time to show them what you can offer, your personality and how you could fit into the team and company.

Important: the more prepared you are the more confident you will feel. Someone who has prepared will always stand out against someone who has not!

Interview Check

Make sure you know the time, date, venue, name and title of your interviewer(s) and directions. 

Dress appropriately

Arrive early – It may take time to sign in. Look for information available in reception. E.g. Mission Statement, Quality Awards Won, Investors in People Award, Company brochure / newsletter.

If you think you are running late – Inform your recruitment consultant at AES, or someone else in the AES office, as soon as possible.

What do you know about the Company? 
What research have you done – opportunity to make a good first impression!

Why do you want to work here / why are you interested in this position?
Match your skills and experience to the position. Don't just repeat the job spec back to them.

What are your strengths? 
State a quality and illustrate with a job-related example.

What are your weaknesses? 
Be careful what you say here. Think of something that can be turned into a positive.

As the interview is drawing to a close remember the following;

  • Is there anything else they need to know?
  • Is there anything you can clarify?
  • What's the next stage?


If you have any questions you want answered before the interview, please don't hesitate to call AES on 01905 363250.

AES understands our requirements, not only in skills but personality to make sure people fit.

Managing Director
Bladeroom Ltd

We offer AES tough assignments where the relevant skills are often scarce, they have never failed to deliver.

PKL Group

I have used AES both as a candidate and a client and have found them excellent on both occasions.

Managing Director
ITW-Envopak Group Ltd

We want to work with people who understand our business … our experience with AES has been first rate.

Managing Director
LGG Charleworth Ltd

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