Could becoming a home based consultant be right for you?


Through the AES licence holder scheme we can offer an alternative way of working (two alternatives if you are an established recruitment consultant) where the main beneficiary of your talent, skill and hard-work is YOU.

There are obvious financial benefits in becoming an AES licence holder but there are also real life style choices when you work this way that need to be considered. If you are reading this you have probably decided you want one or more of the following:

  • Take your first tentative step in running your own recruitment business.
  • Receive more income from your efforts – a typical sale at AES is £5,000 and you should do two sales per month for a 37.5 hour week. You receive all the income you generate.
  • Earn enough to work from home and combine a career with bringing up a family.
  • Work with a friend at a location of your choice and in an industry sector you feel comfortable with.
  • Need to work in a geographical location for personal reasons where career alternatives are limited.

The majority of people will never think that they could work for themselves and will only consider it when they are desperate, normally having lost their job; this is silly.

If you are pro-active, prefer flexibility and want more control over your earnings, working for yourself is a viable alternative, especially if you already know you have the potential and just need a company to work alongside you for reassurance.

"I am a 22 year old sales executive and live in The Highlands of Scotland. I had no recruitment experience but wanted to see if I could start my own enterprise and was attracted to AES because of the support.”

Dylan Bruce

"I decided to be independent in 2007 because I was fed up making AES money! I now enjoy a regular six figure income and rarely go to the office."

Paul Evans

"The rigorous initial training quickly got me up to speed with the basics of recruitment and the regular update training has helped my CPD."

Helen Heath

"I can work flexible hours when I need to, and spend more time with the family, or even play an extra round of golf, now my children are older. A lifestyle result for me!"

Michelle Singleton

Take your first step in obtaining work life balance with AES! 

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