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Why not become a home-based recruitment consultant where your ability to communicate with people could be your passport to control your future?


My name is Colin Smith, I am a founder Director of AES and a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals.

For over 30 years I have been supporting and developing the recruitment consultants at AES to deliver a high quality service to a select group of customers; we are and always will be in the quality not quantity market.

I enjoy working with a few, competent and motivated people who share my passion and who have had plenty of previous experience in recruitment; AES can then provide the infrastructure, support and mentorship (if required).

In my time, within the recruitment sector, I know that recruitment is a sales business; you have to be capable of understanding what your client wants and needs and then you have to deliver a solution as quickly as possible and at a sensible price.

Under this venture you become a Limited company making you one of the thousands of one man (or woman) businesses that are driving the UK economy forward; as your own boss you decide when and with whom you work. With AES in support you will never need to feel as if you are on your own because once you have been granted a licence to operate as an AES agent you will be able to use our name and reputation built up over 30 years as well as all of our recruitment tools and software.

Important: Leaving the security of paid employment regardless of how much you dislike the circumstances, is a daunting prospect (I know I did 32 years ago and had 3 children under 4 at the time!) but I have to say, if you know what you are capable of go and speak to an accountant; it is not as difficult as you would think.

For me losing the security of paid employment was heavily compensated by the liberating emotion that my future was in my hands; but then I would never waste 8 hours a day of life doing a job I didn’t like or enjoy just for a fixed salary.

If you are ready to take control of your life and you want AES to be the vehicle to start you down that road, read the additional information on this subject and then APPLY and we will be back to you as quickly as possible to arrange a meeting to discuss.

Thanks for your interest in AES


Colin Smith FIRP

“I have worked in recruitment for 13 years, constantly hitting £100k targets year on year, whilst working long hours. I now work from home & work a fraction of what I used to. I still make a minimum of one sale per month, which will increase as time goes on. I have a fantastic work life balance which is something I’ve always strived for. Although I work from home, I still have the office support from the AES team as & when I need it, they have been extremely helpful & always make sure I have everything I need.”


“We both have a recruitment background and are used to hard targets and long days in the office. After having our families our priorities changed and we decided to share a licence between us and split the workload. We now both work 2-3 days a week but around our families. We can still feel like part of a team but with the flexibility of the work being around our lives and not the other way around.”

Emma and Leanne

“AES gave me the opportunity that I had been seeking for a long time, I always used to say to my peers I can’t believe how much I am making the company and only getting such a small amount for myself but with the help of AES I finally managed to keep 100% of what I made. Working with AES allowed me to be flexible with my working hours and really give me that work/life balance that everyone craves.”


“With my sales background I found it easy to transfer my skills across to recruitment. I now have the pleasure of being able to work whenever I want with a few of my preferred customers to make regular sales. For me the freedom of being able to take a holiday whenever I want and work where and when I want is priceless.”


“I am a 22 year old sales executive and live in The Highlands of Scotland. I had no recruitment experience but wanted to see if I could start my own enterprise and was attracted to AES because of the support. I used savings for the first four monthly payments and having made 3 sales in this period I had much more than my money back which I was very pleased with. In addition, AES paid for flights and picked me up at the airport for follow up training after I had been with the company for 6 weeks; that was impressive!”


“I am an ex-employee of AES joining in 2006. I decided to be independent in 2007 because I was fed up making AES money! I now enjoy a regular six figure income and rarely go to the office. I could easily do this for myself but having people to do my admin, sort out my invoices and pay the money into my account is actually very helpful. I am also reassured that if I need help (or just want to talk about Rugby!) I can call the office”


“I joined AES in 2008 after an early career in the Telecommunications industry, and following recommendations from existing licence holders. The rigorous initial training quickly got me up to speed with the basics of recruitment and the regular update training has helped my CPD. The AES management team is always willing and able to provide help and guidance at short notice, whether it be contract law or a delicate Client relationship issue.


“I was the classic Recruitment Consultant in the 1980s and 90s – constantly pursuing high sales figures, long hours away from home and feeling guilty about not being able to spend time with the family. I joined AES many years ago, and have built up a small base of core customers who are very happy to give me repeat business, which gives me a similar income with far less hours. I can work flexible hours when I need to, and spend more time with the family. A lifestyle result for me!”


“A health scare in my 50s, for me, was what I needed to readdress what I was doing. I was living in a lovely part of rural Wales but travelling hours on the Motorways and nights away from home were the norm in my role as a Lighting Sales Manager. With many years of sales experience, I was surprised that in the first week with AES I was seeing selling techniques I wish I had known 25 years ago”


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